Student Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy - School Board Policy 5.17:

Students of school age shall attend their assigned schools during school hours in accordance with state law. Students are considered absent if they are not present on days school is in session as determined by the School Board’s approved calendar or during make-up days determined by the superintendent or School Board. The superintendent through the principals shall be responsible for maintaining accurate records of attendance and for closely monitoring all excused and unexcused absences.

Absence Notes:

When a student is absent all day or for a portion of the day, notes (email or written) should be provided to the attendance office within three days of returning from the absence. Absence notifications may not be received over the phone.

All absence notes (full day/early release/late arrival) require the following information:
• Student’s Full Name
• Parent/Guardian’s Name
• Phone Number for Parent/Guardian
• Date of the Absence or Date and Time for Early Release (11th and 12th Grade Students Only)
• Reason for the Absence (For coding purposes, please provide specific information for a “family emergency”.)

Excessive Semester Absences:

When a student’s attendance reflects seven (7) or more class absences in a course, excused or unexcused, she/he will fail the course for the semester. The student will receive a 63 (N) or the actual academic average, whichever is lower. School board policy provides an opportunity for an Attendance Waiver Request due to extenuating circumstances beyond the parent's and/or student's control. Requests for a waiver must be supported with appropriate documentation. Waiver forms will be available at the end of each semester in the attendance office.

Pre-Approval for Absences:

For planned multi-day absences, at least a week prior, students need to submit a form requesting approval from the principal/designee. Forms are available in the attendance office.

Late Arrivals:

When students arrive late to school, they must report to the attendance office to properly check in (as opposed to going directly to class). Students will not be admitted to class without an authorized pass from the attendance office. Students are required to provide a written note documenting the reason for the absence.

Early Dismissals:

11th and 12th Grade Students - Requests for early release may be approved with a note from the parent/guardian (email or written) when submitted to the attendance office BEFORE 7:20 a.m. Written requests for early release will not be accepted after 7:30 a.m. For the safety of students, if the school is unable to confirm with a parent/guardian, the student will not be released. Extenuating circumstances will require approval from administration. Early release requests may not be received over the phone. Prior to leaving the building, students should return to the front security desk to sign out and receive their pass.

9th and 10th Grade Students - Students are approved for early release only when a parent/guardian comes into the school building to sign them out. Upon arrival of the parent/guardian, the student will be released from class and report to the front security desk for dismissal. Students are required to sign out at the desk prior to leaving the building. Please note a written explanation of the absence should be submitted to the attendance office within three days.

For the safety of our students during bus dismissal, early release of students will not occur after 2 p.m. Please note the bus lane will be closed to all traffic other than school busses and emergency vehicles beginning at 1 pm.

Please note all students must sign out at the front security desk before leaving school grounds.

Tardy Policy:

If a student is not in class when the tardy bell rings, the student will report to the tardy window to receive a pass. Students will not be permitted to enter the classroom without an authorized pass. The tardy policy starts over at the beginning of each nine-week grading period. Students with excessive unexcused tardies will receive disciplinary consequences.
Unexcused tardy
• Overslept
• Car trouble
• Traffic (unless administration makes an announcement otherwise)
• Weather related (unless administration makes an announcement otherwise)
• Missed bus
• Over 5 parent notes for ‘illness’ without a doctor’s note

Excused tardy
• Doctor’s note
• Religious holiday
• School-sponsored/related activities
• Authorized visits with school personnel
• Severely inclement weather (administration makes an announcement)
• Death in the family
• Late bus/Bus no show (confirmed with transportation personnel)
• Illness tardy note from parent up to 5 tardies (Doctor’s note needed for ‘illness’ tardies if over 5 during a nine weeks.)