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Ordering your Yearbook

Follow the link to order online. 

Underclass Portraits

  • Order your prints online at select Underclass Portraits and use the access code FCHPREPAY and follow the on-screen instructions. 

Senior Portraits

  • Candid Color Photography is your school’s official senior portrait photographer.
  • Final Senior Picture Make-up Date: 9/22/2022.
  • Deadline to Select yearbook Pose with Candid Color: 12/2/2022
  • You must schedule a time slot using the
    following link:
  • We cannot take same-day appointments or assist those that do not schedule in
    advance. Should you have any questions then please contact our customer service team. We look forward to seeing you.
  • Candid Color offers a variety of sitting options based on
    the number of poses you wish to select from to order
    finished prints. Each option includes a sampling of
    Kodak 4x5 proofs mailed to your home address. Sitting
    options are NOT finished portraits. Your sitting fee is
    due at the time of creating your appointment. Credit /
    Debit card is accepted online.
    DELUXE SITTING - $60.00
    • Tuxedo • Drape pose for the yearbook
    • Four (4) casual poses (up to four outfits)
    • Outdoor environmental pose
    • Tuxedo • Drape pose for the yearbook
    • Three (3) casual poses (up to three outfits)
    BASIC SITTING - $40.00
    • Tuxedo • Drape pose for the yearbook
    • Two (2) casual poses (up to two outfits)
    ECONO SITTING - $30.00
    • Tuxedo • Drape pose for the yearbook
    • One (1) casual pose (from one outfit)
    YEARBOOK ONLY - $20.00
    • Tuxedo • Drape pose for the yearbook 

Selecting your Senior Portrait

  • Follow the link on how to select your Candid Color senior portrait for the yearbook.

Candid Color Contact Information

Please contact the office with any questions
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 703-590-0187

Additional Senior Portrait Information

Senior portraits should be taken by Candid Color, the professional photographer for First Colonial. Students who are photographed by Candid Color will have their poses posted online usually within 72 hours. Make sure you select a formal portrait with a medium to dark blue clouded background. The selected picture should also be in portrait, not landscape format.

Seniors should see Ms. Duncan in room 405 with any questions regarding their senior portrait.

Seniors who choose to use a different studio must make sure that the studio has our school’s specifications as the yearbook reserves the right to reject any non-compliant portraits. If you use another studio other than Candid Color you must verify your images have been sent electronically to Ms. Duncan.

Approved studios having our specifications are;
Joseph Moss

Seniors not using Candid Color must make sure the other studio has the specifications, and that they will deliver the selected portrait to Ms. Duncan no later than 1/6/2022. After that date, we cannot guarantee the photo will appear in the book.

Size: 3" x 5"
Resolution: 300ppi
Background: medium to dark blue clouded.
No Soft Focus!
Sent digitally via email to  [email protected] or delivered to Ms. Duncan personally on a flash drive. 

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