Guidance Staff


Talesha Wagner
[email protected]
Guidance Director
Serving Students: Ed-Lam
Virtual VA, Early College Scholars and Dept. Chair

Beanie Schleicher
[email protected]
Serving Students : A-Ec
Military, Careers and School Counseling Advisory Council

Judith Mayes
[email protected]
Serving Students: Lan-Rod
Colleges and help assist with Scholarships and Awards Day/Night programs

Andrew Miller
[email protected]
Serving Students: Roe-Z
AP Testing and NCAA Clearinghouse

Adrienne Tomao
[email protected]
Serving Students: Legal Studies Academy (LSA)
Scholarships and Awards Day/Night programs

Amanda Hansen
[email protected]
ESL Facilitator, 504 Coordinator, PSAT and help assist with other collateral duties if needed

Access Advisor:

Natasha Sackey
[email protected]
Monday -Tuesday, 7:30am-3:00pm


Debbie Speight
[email protected]

Data Tech:

Ashley Blackman
[email protected]