Our School



School Colors

Primary: Light Blue & Gold

Secondary: Navy Blue, White and Grey

Alma Mater

All hail to thee, our Alma Mater
Lift your praises high
Carry your glory onward
As the years go by. 

First Colonial, First Colonial
Your name shall ever live,
Memories of you we cherish
Loyalty we give. 

Words by Barbara Owens and Music by William Miller



George Washington, the Continental Army Commander during the Revolutionary War, called for a group of men to form his personal protection. These men were the best of the best from America and were known as Washington's Life Guard or First Patriots. Their numbers ranged from 180 to over 200 men and stayed with Washington throughout the war.

We here at First Colonial High School have selected our colors from the battle flag of Washington's Life Guard. The flag consisted of a field of light blue trimmed in gold. This flag could be seen everywhere Washington traveled during the Revolutionary War.

School Seal

The Patriot represents the school mascot. The waterline represents the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean along with the Old Cape Henry Lighthouse which was commissioned by George Washington. The three ships, The Discovery, The Susan Constant and the Godspeed, are representations of the first landing in 1607 of the first permanent English settlement in the New World.